The Climate Crisis Awareness Database Project

Despite the abundance of written and visual resources offering reliable information on the climate crisis, designed to improve understanding across diverse sectors and heighten awareness through engaging, straightforward language and narratives, the availability of such resources in the Turkish language remains limited. The Climate Crisis Awareness Database Project stands as a pilot initiative with the objective of creating a comprehensive database that consolidates accessible written and visual sources elucidating the causes, consequences, future projections, solution proposals, and current practices related to the climate crisis.

In the initial phase of this approximately year-long project, scientific sources were meticulously reviewed on identified subjects, and selected infographics underwent translation into Turkish. Hosted on a publicly accessible website, these infographics offer valuable insights that can benefit a wide audience, particularly educational and higher education institutions, public and private organizations, and non-governmental entities in Turkey.

Permissions for the translation of the materials were secured for infographics reflecting research from diverse sources, including the European Environment Agency, the European Parliament, the United Nations Environment Program, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, UNESCO, NASA, the World Resources Institute, National Geographic, and WWF International. Turkish translations and designs were meticulously executed within the framework of Cappadocia University.

This project, undertaken by the Cappadocia University Environmental Humanities Center—the first and only research center in Turkey in the interdisciplinary field of Environmental Humanities—scrutinizes the ecological crisis and the environment. It is anticipated that the Climate Crisis Awareness Database, which collects international data presented in a universally understandable language and addresses the climate crisis in its multifaceted dimensions, will serve as a significant resource for the swift and facile dissemination of information and the raising of awareness in these crucial areas. In this period where addressing the climate crisis takes precedence in education, the public, and the private sector, we express the hope that this database will play a pivotal role.

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